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Hosting software and documentation on Dropbox

November 26, 2015

I am now hosting my software, ephemeris files and documentation on Dropbox via the following link;

I want to thank everyone for their support. I’m currently have chemo treatments every two months and they seem to be holding the cancer in check.


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  1. Hi David. Joe Heafner here. Just Googling around, found your blog and thought I’d say high. Great to see you’re still in the celestial computing business!

  2. Gorazd permalink

    Hi Mr. Eagle, I want to wish you good luck with the therapy and that you recover quickly to enjoy this summer. Actually, I was looking for you since many years ago I bought from you BNALib numerical library. You will be probably surprised, I am still using it. I am preparing a scientific article and I want to cite/give a credit to you work, however I find out that old www place does not exist any more. Please suggest me, how to cite it.

    »Old« citation:
    Eagle Jr., C.D. BNALib – A Basic Numerical Analysis Library for Personal Computers

    • Hi Gorazd,

      I’m no longer marketing the BNALib software. Please just site my email address,

      I’m glad the BNALib software has been useful in your work.


      • Gorazd permalink

        Dear Mr. Eagle,

        thanks very much for answer. From the references found in the literature, from the net and from the BNALib reference manual I »constructed« following citation sequence:

        Eagle Jr., C.D., BNALib A BASIC numerical analysis library for Personal Computers, Copyright 1997-2002 by C. David Eagle, Jr, Littleton, CO, US. (

        which combines all important information. Is this OK for you?

        Best regards, Gorazd

  3. Jose Kuba permalink

    Dear Mr. Eagle, thank you very much for publishing documents on celestial mechanics and astrodynamics, has been very useful in my work and I want to wish you the best with the therapy and that you recover quickly and I hope you feel get better soon. Best regards Jose

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